Location:   State of Mexico
Status:       Built
Type:          Residential

Located in west Mexico City, the C-A House was built in an upward sloped plot. This feature divided the house in two blocks. The first block houses throughout its three levels the user's private area: three bedrooms, family, studio and office. The second block contains the public program on two levels, consisting of kitchen, living room, dining room, cellar, laundry area and service.

Gardens around the house and internal patios provide natural lighting and ventilation in all the rooms and spaces. Full height glazed sliding doors line the perimeter of several areas, allowing the living spaces to open out on to adjoining terraces, thus eroding divisions between inside and out. This characteristic creates natural atmospheres that combine new plants with preexisting mature trees.

The south west facade is characterized by planters adjacent to all windows that provide privacy and incorporate nature into the urban environment in which the house is located. The rear facade opens as a terrace to the garden through the height and a half of the dining room. C-A House was designed with simple and elegant lines to create a project with a contemporary aesthetic of spaciousness and serenity; fulfilling users’ needs and combining architectural elements with natural elements that contribute not only to the interior of the residence but also to its surroundings.

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