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Location:   Mexico City
Status:       Project
Type:          Residential

Valley Park Residential is a complex located within Bosque Real, a major Golf Club in the Mexico City metropolitan area. The site is limited on the north by a protected natural area within a valley. Major considerations were granting excellent views for every housing unit, reducing as much as possible vehicular circulations, and meeting the construction normativity which requires at least two parking spaces per unit. 

The concept behind the design was creating a central space (park) to build community among its users, who have left traditional housing within the city, isolating in residential complexes in the suburbs. The concept of a central plaza is key in the Mexican urbanization and is an important element of the culture as these public spaces are crucial for commercial, social and recreational purposes. 

With over 24,200 square meters (260,486 sq ft) of residential space, Valley Park Residential has 161 apartments, divided in four types by construction area (120, 150, 210, 240 m2), 10 houses, divided in two types (220 and 250 m2). The complex also has amenities such as gym, pool, skylounge, and business center.